Warm Bundle Closes 2022

Warm Bundle Closes 2022

Hi Dear AAPA! Fern & I are right here amidst the last Picks of the year. And what a long year it has been. This one felt as long as a decade -- making our warm Dec. Bundle feel even more cozy...

Well, Christmas! A whole bunch of us produced cute, cheery Xmas cards! Oh my, just look! We are wished warm wishes from Ron Hylton, Danny & Marsha Kelly, Frank Underwood, John & Peg Carvalho, Dave & Liz Tribby, Clarence Wolfshohl, a most charming postcard booklet from George Harnish, & a most Marey Christmas from Fern & I too!

And looky! Here's even more wonderful stuff in the Bundle... 

Our gifted papermaker John Carvalho sent us A Martlet's Tales Volume 22, "All Eyes to Heaven,"  a story that brought Fern & I such a warm smiley afternoon....

And still smiling...we have Sean Wilmot's Philamot magazine for Dec. 2022 with a Burma Shave poem, cleverly laid out to carry us through the pages!!! Plus an interesting collection of good stuff to read. 

And finally Fern & I humbly offer 2 brand new short stories from The Mareyland Register: "Always" & "Real"! For AAPA'ers wishing to write, I have learned that the more you write for the Bundle, the better writer you become!  And so, at the occasion of our last Picks of 2022, Fern & I send out so much gratitude to all of AAPA!  

And as always... thank you profoundly to ALL who have created Bundle pieces, & to all of AAPA for this precious gift of audience.

Dear Everyone, wishing you all extra good health, much joy, & wonderful days ahead....

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