Fred Moe Picks for September Bundle

Writing of the Month: Some of the most well-crafted writing in the bundles is found in the bi-monthly American Amateur Journalist, diligently compiled and edited by Clarence Wolfshohl. This month two specific pieces deserve specific mention: beautifully written bundle reviews by Danny Kelly and an intriguing prose piece by Edwin Filieu titled Letter to a young author.



Journal of the Month: Featuring a delightful premise, a fun illustration, fine printing and homemade paper, A Martlet’s Tales from John Carvalho not only qualifies as my choice for journal of the month, but should be included in the writing category as well. Wonderful in every aspect.



Project of the Month (and many months): Clarence Wolfshohl’s Holy Toledo #13 qualifies as a project, doesn’t it?  For thirteen editions, Clarence has shared poems & prose snapshots from very specific times & places. The best poetry (and I’m no real judge of this) gives us imagery that can be fine-tuned like a slide beneath a microscope; or the expanse of a telescope, where we see both the universal element as well as microcosmic minutiae. Clarence gives us crisp insights into the poems in his Holy Toledo series which add immeasurably to my personal reading enjoyment. At the Crossroads is an enigmatic piece brimming with curious references – it’s a rare poem (and I believe only this one poem) that references Robert Johnson, Hank Williams and the Mayan Popol Vuh -and that’s just a glimpse into eleven sparse, fascinating lines.

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