Variety in September

Variety in September

Hi AAPA'ers, how is everybody? Fern & I are still waiting for Autumn, down here in Lonnng Beach. Well our Sept theme seems to be....Variety! 

First, we have Ivan Snyder's Amateur Observer Number 22, a truly interesting edition! Fern & I enjoyed Dan Rea's story about the print museum in Coos Bay, a favorite place of ours to visit! It's wonderful to come inside & imagine really being there 100 years ago, putting out your paper by the bay! If you go, though, beware of the steep stairs heading up to the second floor! Going up is tolerable, but coming down, well, your kneecaps will stop speaking to you for days....  And Ivan, we enjoyed too your comments about George Harnish's intriguing "Random Cubes" pieces! 

Next up, we're still smiling & agreeing with the quote from Green Dragon and Madison Presses: "That which does not kill us just might make us wish that it had."  

Also in the Very Needed Humor Category, thank you Dave Schwartz, for "Things We Learn From Children" in Ohkee Doekee Number 103. 

Dear Joanne Lindemann, it's always a treat to find your wonderful poetry in the Bundle! Here we have quite a collection in Simplicity, & masterfully printed by Clarence Wolfshohl's El Grito del Lobo Press.

 The Floyd Family has graced us with such a genuinely charming edition of The Permanent Press, No. 28! Packing so very much interesting reading inside, you can feel a sense of the creators' personal view of the world. A beautiful piece! Definitely a keeper. 

And finally, Fern & I hope everyone is finding our "Elo's Song" intriguing! I am learning that the more you write, the better you become at it, & am so grateful for the Bundle as a perfect place to find my writer self.

 Well as always, thank you very much to ALL the Sept. 2022 Bundle contributors, & thank you to all of AAPA for providing the precious gift of audience. May we all enjoy a happy, healthy, & fun Autumn!

        -- Marey & Fern

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