Oct 2019 Bundle Picks

Oct 2019 Bundle Picks

Hello Greg,

This is Heather Lane, the mailer. I'm wondering if you would consider doing October's picks of the month for the AAPA website. All you would have to do is send me an email with the text (and photos if you want to include them) and I will post them on the website.

Most people have picked a:

  • Journal of the Month
  • Writing of the Month
  • Project of the Month

 But it is open to your own interpretation. You can really do whatever you want. I hope you are well.


A tall task Heather asks of me. With so many quality poets, writers, printers, journalists and talents, how could I possibly select the October AAPA bundle picks? Oh please October bundle, be kind in your deliverance of the choices. Well well well, it did not disappoint. As per usual, quality pushes the envelope with provocative thoughts lessons and writings. Stalwart members and a few new pens make the choices fun. So here goes:

 Perhaps it is what I miss post selling my presses, type and the like, the smell and texture of letterpress work. The project of the month, in my eyes, is Ink Cahoots, 2019.  The collection writings, poems, graphics and original printing remains unparalleled anywhere in our amateur black arts world. Clarence Wolfshohl “The bounds of books” reads smooth in a style bound to captivate any reader. Ivan Snyder remembrance of annual convention joys reminds us the future is open to new and old ideas bringing together talented members. John Carvalho musing on are we comfortably numb gently allows us to examine our basic values in this almost too fast changing world. All the contributions are quality and make Ink Cahoots a winner. As per usual, David Tribby executed a masterful well done collectable.

 The best graphic, tells a story without the need for words. Find it on the back of the AAPA 2019 Directory.

 Jackie Welsh pens a Memorable Occasion with the style and grace sure to trigger some of our own mind engraved memories. Who can now ever forget Mrs. Gracie. Nice it is published hand set and printed by Master Peter Schaub in his The Pearl number 18 editions. Jackie earns the best writing of the month. A close second goes to John Carvalho’s Space Cadet in A Martlet's Tales. He got me thinking, and that is a good thing.

 Clarence Wolfshohl’s story and poetry in his El Don Chupacabra Anonymous Quarterly # 36 earns the best Journal nod for October 2019. Well done maestro! Not sure I can ever look at a goat again without a vision of a vampire lurking in the shadows. Oh and so close to dia de los muertos. Hmm.  This edition includes a bonus piece entitled Death and Mr. Pickwick.

Best to all,
   Greg McKelvey




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