Thanks, Dec. Contributors!

Thanks, December Contributors!

Dear Everybody,

Fern & I are sending you all a giant batch of warm, homey energy! It's Christmas Eve as we sit here reading the December Bundle, filling all up with all the good wishes sent out, reading about everybody's 2020. Thank you sooo much, to all the Bundle contributors-- together your heart-filled creations fill up all of AAPA's hearts! Reading everyone's beautifully done works, I'm definitely knowing I'm not alone.

Marey Christmas to all of AAPA! May we all enjoy a wonderful 2021, filled all up with only glowing good health, & joyful days bigger than this whole patient, forgiving, caring planet.

Ron Hylton, we so very needed your card, wishing us "Merry Christmas and a very Healthy 2021!" Thank you!! And to you also! And Fern & I too found your "Before Reporting Became 'Jounalism' " definitely 'food for thought.'

Richard G.Rutledge, you brought so very much good cheer to the Deember. Bundle!! The extra-cute postcard of goings-on in a homey printshop brings so much good feeling, it has to be put up on the wall right next to my drafting table! Your wonderful "A Christmas Prayer" deeply teaches me that what's most important is not rushing to decorate my lawn, but the quiet, thankful feeling as I sit with renewed reverence this Christmas Eve monent in time. I'm holding your little 2021 calendar, enjoying the colophon, smiling as I imagine this charming piece being printed out on wonderful old presses, amidst wonderful clackedy-clacks. Thank you Richard for filling up this Bundle & all of us with Happy!

Mark McComas, & his 100-year-old Letterpress, brings a giant feeling of wellness with a quote from Einstein so perfect for the hope & inspiration we need, walking all together through the front door into 2021. And doesn't this cute picture of Albert make ya smile?  Thank you too, Mark, for your extra cheery Christmas card!! You have a whole smiling bunch of AAPA friends sending mighty good thoughts your way!

Finally, Richard L.Hopkins' monumentally Magnificent book definitely took Fern & me on an amaaazing, real-life journey by way of "A City Boy's Love Affair with a Tractor"!! Richard, this book is charming! Your choices for papers, colors, typefaces, & illustrations so perfectly fit the life-journey you shared. This is definitely art. I appreciate your great care, writing style, & realness! A just-right composition for our end-of-the-year Bundle.

And so, a profound Thank You to ALL our Bundle contributors, to all providing an appreciated gift of audience, & a hug to Mailer Heather, the heart of AAPA. May we all join together in this minute, holding hands, as we walk with the enormous strength of community into 2021,

Marey & Fern. 

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