Smiles in August's Bundle

Smiles in August's Bundle

Happy Almost Autumn, AAPA'ers!

Well it's been a lonnng, toasty summer down here in Lonnng Beach. Fern & I  are both so longing for cool, overcast skies...

Didn't the August Bundle make us smile? Inside this cute, little envelope, printed with cute, chickens & cute typefaces, lives charm, wit, heart, joy, & some exquisite art!

First smile is Rich Hopkins' cheery "Locksmith" business card! Rich, you've inspired me to try some too. I can feel your delight in making these, & I can imagine a story filled with entertaining characters handing out these business cards!

Also in the Big Smile dept., Dave Schwartz's Ohkee-Doekee No. 96 had me laughing out loud. And Dave, I'd always wondered why the elephant crossed the road. May you "perpetrate" the blessedly welcome Ohkee-Doekee for many Bundles to come!!!

In the dept. of Beautiful Art, quietly sits John Carvalho's "Mountain Laurel" poem, illustrated with a maple wood block print! And so speaking to my heart on John's wonder-full handmade paper. John, holding your artwork in my hands, I can feel being outdoors, touching the good earth.

Our dear Mailer Heather Lane's "practice simply listening" feels like an eternal minute. I did it! Fern & I just sat, & listened. On a big-city Sunday afternoon, taking time to hear, we noticed the background sounds of crickets, fire engine, & a warm wind. And listening, our own Sunday sounds became a part.

Greg McKelvey's The Ink Zone #175 carries cherished, heartwarming memories to "Every human owned by a pet". Greg, your exquisitely descriptive writing brings a good visit with Mr. Smoke E. Fluffy Sox, to all us AAPA'ers who appreciate life's most wonderful stuff! And Mr. Sox, you so remind me of how my good friends, Nook & Cranny, would tiptoe into whatever was going on, & make simple events magical just by their presence.

Fern & I feel fully renewed by the charm of the August Bundle! With so much good feeling sent back out, to all the August Bundlers, to all who lend their gifts of audience, & to Mailer Heather & her helpers, Laurie & Ivan. Everyone please be happy & be well. You matter more than words can express.

      Marey & Fern

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