January Bundle

Happy New Year Bundle to You

Hi Folks,

The car is loaded up with the January bundles, with a coat thrown over them to keep them out of this pouring rain (that MIGHT?? turn to snow later tonight), ready to go to the post office. Thanks again to Ivan, for doing laps around the dining room table with me. 

We're back on track with a large-sized bundle that I know you will be happy with. There's art, craft, stories, poems, news, words and more words. The cartoon on the envelope is another winner by Roy Paul Nelson. I printed, with ridiculous difficulty, the envelopes. Why is it that sometimes everything works just perfectly, and other times you are changing the packing and the registration the entire time you are printing? It is also probably time to get new rollers. When I got my own press, 3 or 4 years ago, it came with the idea that I would have to get new rollers for it immediately. But then I had to print something real quick, and then something else, and then I just thought I would see how long they would last. But now pieces of them are actually falling off while I'm printing, or getting stuck in the ink, so I think I've run them out. If any of you have bad rollers, send me a photo. We can have a contest on Worst Rollers of the AAPA. Also, if you have a favorite place from which to order rollers, let me know that too please. Part of my problem is that I don't know HOW to order new rollers. It seems like you have to send them your old ones? Will they laugh at mine? Will I get a rejection letter back? And what about this box you may have to build for the new ones to be shipped in? Maybe I'll just keep using these one more month!

Thanks for keeping the bundle alive. Happy 2020 to you (officially The Year We Fix Everything). 

Your mailer, Heather

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