Quarantined Printers Good for AAPA Bundles

Quarantined Printers Good for AAPA Bundles

Hi Friends,

There are 16 exquisitely crafted items in your August bundle that was mailed on Thursday. Ivan and Laurie came and helped, which was a good thing because that is a lot of paper to stuff! If you haven't sent your comp postcards out, remember to use them. There is so much work out there that deserves recognition.

I'm hard at work in the garden and the print shop. My husband resided our garage (I print in the upstairs) and replaced the old tiny painted-over aluminum window with giant old windows we got at a salvage place, and now my printshop looks out over the whole garden. It's the best view in the whole house. I saw two hummingbirds fighting way up in the air the other day while I was printing! (Sorry, Mr. Porterfield. I've seen more hummingbirds this year than ever. Maybe yours are all here?)  I'm working on my Ink Cahoots page, plus trying to get ahead on the bundle envelopes to prepare for the start of a very very strange school year that will have me either homeschooling the kids every day or helping 2 kids in separate rooms on separate computers with their online schooling. I'm leaning towards homeschooling because the other seems crazy to try to manage, but either way, there is a lot of work in my near future. I lay awake half the night thinking about it and trying to tell myself that Abraham Lincoln barely went to school. At least my kids have a college-educated parent who stays home with them and is pretty interested, plus Ivan's entire paper collection to use, plus a LOT of books. If you print, or play the guitar, or love bugs, or play soccer, or are an excellent cook, and have children near your life, try to offer to teach something, even just once a month. There are a lot of kids out there who could use lessons and interactions with people outside their families right now. And a lot of parents (I'm thinking of one in particular) who haven't been physically away from their kids since about March 14th. My goodness, what a time we're living in. Although if I hear the word "unprecedented" one more time.....

I hope you are all healthy and busy with good things,


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