Marey's Picks for June

Marey's Picks for June

Hi fellow awesome AAPA'ers! 

How are we all today? Fern & I are overwhelmed by this monumentally magnificent Bundle! So many truly original, creative pieces, & so many exquisite letterpress works of art! First, thank you everybody! Thank you, Bundlers, & thank you to everyone giving us the precious gift of audience. We have out-done ourselves for sure!
Well first, John Carvalho, we love your beautiful, handmade papers!! The wonderful textures, & the good feel of imprints upon them! Your blue "United we Stand" is just exactly what we need to hear now. And the cute, little, tan booklet of poems from Kent Clair Chamberlain, is a treasure. Fern & I love seeing a collaboration!! It brings a feeling of all of us being neighbors--  just imagine if we all lived down the block from each other! 
Next, Dave Tribby's exquisite "The Handset Journal no. 19"! Dave, congratulations on 50 years in AJ!! Your Journal is wonderful for this humble, still-newcomer to read. The experience you gave us brought even more smiles-- Dave shared production pics, of hand setting, & inking up, & everything!! Fern & I so loved seeing it all, feeling we were right there! Thank you so much, Dave!
A giant applause to Clarence Wolfshohl, El Grito del Lobo Press, for "Don Chupacabra Talks Poetry". Clarence, thank you from my artist's heart, for teaching us about ekphrasis, "poetry inspired by some work of another art." You gave us all a really charming experience, 1st looking up the paintings online, & then reading a poet's corresponding impression. The poetry so deepens & adds to the experiencing of the paintings!
And finally, sending a big smile back to Gene Gates & Lawrence Peterson, of Nine-18-Thousandths Press! In this scary time, it brings such a needed comfort to frame this elegant, cross-stitch-style artwork, reminding us all that "Nothing is Permanent".
Fern & I send out a Matterhorn-size cloud of gratitude & mightily good energy to all who've made the June 2020 Bundle a genuine masterpiece, & and all who now carry such joy in their hearts from receiving it. 
Be well, from Marey & Fern

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