Picks for June 2023 Bundle

Picks for June 2023 Bundle

So, it appears that it is my turn to write this month’s Picks. Your picks no doubt would be different, but here are a few items that caught my attention.

Journal:  Two noteworthy journals in this bundle were G. E. McKelvey’s Ink Zone featuring a photo tour of “the Arizona Spring Super Bloom” and Dave Tribby’s June issue of The Tribby Tribune.  Greg visited several scenic spots with his camera and took advantage of the lush landscape, improved by the rains. And Dave gave us a reminder that it is time to get our Ink Cahoots page ready  To motivate us, he included an Ink Cahoots from past years, a real delight to bring back memories!

Letterpress:  Clarence Wolfshohl has a poem, “Fishing in Early Spring,” to accompany a wood engraving he made a couple of years ago of two horses.

Fiction:  A Scientist Discovers Life, by Marey Barthoff, explores an excruciating decision faced by a successful science professor, one of those crossroads of life that sometimes come our way.

Sean Wilmot, in Philamot Magazine, included an excerpt from the classic novel The Pilgrim's Progress.

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