Hearts Reach Out in Feb Bundle

Hearts Reach Out in Feb Bundle


Marey & Fern here. How are we all feeling? Eclectic, serious, & emotional...  The overall theme of each Bundle seems to match our experience of life, as it unfolds to us each month. This time, our collective voice feels different-- hearts very needing to reach out, from a deep level.  

I often think of everyone creating their amazing Bundle pieces, all working at the same time, so widely separated but often so very close in thought...  Let's listen in: 

Dear Joanne Lindemann, we need your nature poems ever & ever more as these strange times unfold! Your "2 DEER POEMS for VALENTINES" are so wonderfully expressive, the reader can truly feel standing right there with you, watching sun & earth & deer! Charmingly printed by Clarence Wolfshohl at El Grito del Lobo Press! 

And Clarence, your perfect choice of a deep, quiet, mottled olive paper is the 1st hint that you've made us something really unusual this month... "STUDYING The BONES" takes us inward, on a journey to the most basic! Fern & I are so smiling at your illustration of "Mr. Bones Dancing"! If only our science classes were this interesting! 

Greg McKelvey's "Thank you for your service!" also touches our lives at the very heart of real daily experience. Who among us hasn't needed time to recover from the inexplicable uncaring we often see out there. And yes, may we all join with you, in saying a most heartfelt thank you to all in military service, & to this one caring gentleman in your story especially!! 

And finally, Sean Wilmut's Philamot Magazine for February 2022 is so filled with interesting reading... and Sean's genuinely wonderful writing!

Sean, Fern & I enjoyed your creative descriptions:  your tablet holding thousands of images, "as easily as a room contains air."   I just finished reading Ben Franklin's autobiography, wherein he takes time to find the most perfectly descriptive phrases, & Sean, he would enjoy reading yours! 

As always, thank you to ALL who've contributed wonderful pieces to this month's Bundle, & thank you to all of AAPA for providing the precious gift of audience.... We're a mighty special bunch!


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