Sept Bundle Brims With Humanity

Hi, fellow AAPA'ers! 

Well, it's been a not-quiet month down here in Lonnng Beach. Fern & I have been busy decorating the house, having a fridge fix-it guy over, & showing the backyard weeds who's boss. (Them.) 

Humanity! We all seem to have made humanity our serendipitous theme for Sept. The Bundle is all brimming over with the warm & very needed feeling of: not-alone! 

Reading about each other's real, daily doings, poetic observations, & also the brave lives of a generation past-- fills us all the way up with this really good feeling of Humanity. Community. Warmth! 

Clarence Wolfshohl's Holy Toledo #19, "Sunset", is the very best kind of art. With writing SO good, supported by wonderful design & printing... we can gather all together, in his experiences about a local newspaper. Reading such genuine thoughts about real, daily life in America in 2020, gives all of us such a good feeling of not-alone! Dear Clarence, you write with such warmth, Fern & I are looking forward to your next piece! 

There's more charming Humanity in the Bundle from John Carvalho at JohnnyWog Press. On the back of his smiling work, he shares, "Pangram set the day the type arrived. Could you have waited?" John, Fern & I can so feel your spirit & energy, making this! My face matches the little smiley faces on your cheery Bundle piece today!  

Laurie Kitzke, of Hen Prints Press, joined us all together too, with "The Future?". Dear Laurie, yours feels like the very central message of the Sept. Bundle! The focus on 2 brave, young people, stepping out on life's path in such startling times -- 100 years ago! -- gives us all such a very needed perspective on our time now. I've already put your quote on my inspiration wall, "Life is a journey, not a guided tour." Your conclusion, "We need to find common ground," & "we are all together" -- brought such a feeling of peace & okayness! Laurie, please write more! 

Tom Hitt's sharing of charming gift for poetry!! -- also empowered our spontaneous Bundle theme of Humanity. Tom, your poems, "Occupation", "Haiku", & "Tendrils" in AAJ for Sept., have us seeing this world around us in a new, intriguing way. Amidst all, you guide us to look for the small, smiley stuff! Your poetry magnified my spirit today! This is art at its best! 

Bil Stahl's Rags from a scrap-bag mind for Sept., taught me a great lot! Bil took us all along in his lifelong journey into music. I learned to see his own, unique focus. A person who's spent only a little time in school orchestras & whatnot, wishing for more ability, finds his beautifully descriptive essay so satisfying & truly educational. Thank you too, Bil for the ending-- Fern & I love reading your colophons!!! 

Well a very long & heartfelt applause sent out from Fern & me, to everyone sharing their amazing works in the Sept. Bundle, & a heartfelt thank you too, to all AAPA-ers for the previous gift of audience. Just look at the overwhelming Humanity in this group! Fellow AAPA'ers, we're doin' amaaazing. 

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