Theme for May: Interesting!

Theme for May: Interesting!

Happy Spring, Dear Everybody! And oh my! Fern & I are feeling so Spring-y from the May 2022 Bundle! May is so all filled up with Wonderful Bundle pieces, it reminds us of the joy of belonging to AAPA!

We seem to have created a theme this month of: Interesting!!! A bunch of wonder-full things to peruse, beautifully crafted.

Ron Hylton took us on an an intriguing journey! An over-100-years history of the ship Eureka, & it's relation to the NW Pacific RR Co. Even including an actual dinner menu from the train, to give us all the feeling of traveling on the train on a certain Wednesday in 1940. Ron, it's a good story! After which, Fern & I had to read the menu of course & decide what we're gonna order for dinner back then! Thank you!

Chris McGuinness took us on another intriguing journey through history! Underling for May 2022 had us traveling with him to the haunted, & architecturally quaint, Santa Maria Inn! Chris, you write so well, you have us all pondering right with you about what to say, should we meet up with any colorful spirits there. 

Sean Wilmut's Philamot Magazine for May 2022 is, as usual, filled to the gills with interesting stuff & mighty good writing! Fern & I especially enjoyed coming along with on your day at the artsy-craftsy! Thank you!

Well along with history, we also get some needed levity! Dan Celani wrote of his "three favorite things", & Dan, Fern & I are still smiling!

And a good dose of philosophy...

Danny Kelly's Millard Fillmore quote sure had us agreeing loudly!

Danny, taking the opportunity here to also express gratitude for your Monthly Alerts!

And Michael Coughlin's "The real measure of your wealth..." brought such a good feeling! Thank you!

And finally, Editor Edwin Feliu has again brought us a really enjoyable edition of the AAJ! Edwin, thank you for an outstanding job well done!

As always, sending out much gratitude to ALL the May Bundle contributors, & to the precious gift of audience from all of AAPA! Fern & I wish everyone an especially happy, healthy month of May. Sending you all a childhood friend's motto of: KHF! (Keep Having Fun!)

P.S. One last thought: Thank You Heather Lane for printing the cheery, flowery envelope!


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