August Bundle: Relief from the Heat!

August Bundle: Relief from the Heat!

Hi Everybody!
Fern & I are hangin' in there, amidst this pesky, no-good, useless summer heat. The grass isn't getting mowed, but we're writing lots of Bundle stories! 

First of course, dear Peter Schaub, you & Connie have so been in our thoughts the whole pandemic. Thank you so much for your most heartfelt edition of The Pearl, No. 21. We are all with you, dear friend, sending you a hug. 

Mark MComas, you made us an interesting piece! Your well-thought-out design & layout, with rounded corners, so invites the reader in... where we find a part of W. Virginia history some of us never knew. Truly beautifully done, on an old, beloved press!

Dan Celani, Fern & I, being not math people,  must admit it took us a long minute to fully get there, but now we can't stop laughing about your extra cute Bundle piece!!!

Clarence Wolfshohl, oh my, did you ever bring us a giant smile too, with the "Purple Cow" poem, which I probably spent half my kidhood reciting! Dear Clarence, thank you for bringing us all along with you, back to poetry class!

George Harnish has once again taken us all on his journey into creativity in Random Cubes, Unit 3. George, I've spent my life watching the creative process, seeing how it unfolds, & Fern & I are enjoying your sharing of your adventures.

G.E. McKelvey, yes so worth the wait, to recover from your so bravely facing back surgery.... We love your photos! And we love your feeling well!

Frank Underwood made us such a cute poster it's already posted in our art room, to remind us "Just Keep Printing!"

And well Fern & I hope everybody's enjoying our pieces for Aug. too!

As always, thanks to ALL of AAPA, to all who made wonderful stuff, & to those who provided the precious gift of audience! We did good!

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