Friendship Abounds in June Bundle

Friendship Abounds in June Bundle

Hi Everybody! How are we all? Fern & I are happy to present the June Picks!  

And oh my, we loved the June Bundle! There's such a feeling of friendship here, us just talking as if we were on the phone all together.... 

First, thank you Dave Tribby, for reminding us to get our pages ready for Ink Cahoots!

And next, thank you Danny & Marsha Kelly for bringing us all a smile about Fathers' Day! Thinkin' about my pop, my particular smile will be here a long time.

Next, oh my, Sean Wilmut, every issue of the Philamot magazine is ever more wonderful! The June 2024 edition not only has a new recipe section, but... a Burma Shave poem! There is so much good reading in every issue! Outstanding!

Warm welcome "New Guy" Scott Laughlin! Mighty nice to see ya here in the Bundle! We're already lookin' forward to your next writings!

Steve Ingram's Mini Zine this month, "Totality," continues the warm friendly style of our June Bundle! Steve thank you so much for taking us all along on your total eclipse adventure! Fern & I were way out here in Calif that day, where the sun just remained its usual unexciting self, so your story sure is being enjoyed!

And finally, Ivan Snyder's Odds & Ends for June 2024 continues our theme this month of good friends settling in for a chat. Everybody's happy that you settled back in to printing after your move, with the Kelsey! And Ivan, one of the dads on the street where I grew up is named Ivan too! He was a scientist with Rand Corp. in Santa Monica, & you two would sure have a lot in common. Fern & I are smiling reading your ending, "And to whom do we owe this feeble attempt at so-called amateur journalism? I think you have to turn the page to find out." And so we did!

 Dear Everybody, as always, Fern & I send out deepest gratitude to ALL  who contributed to this truly wonder-full June Bundle, & to all who have provided their precious gift of audience. Try to keep cool this summer & be well! 

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