Good Feeling in First 2021 Bundle

Good Feeling in First 2021 Bundle

Hi Dear AAPAers,

Wishing everyone a new whole year full of glowing, good wellness & cheery days. Well, mail tends to be a tad slow down here in Lonnng Beach, but, as Ivan says, the oxcart finally got here!

There's so much good feeling in the January Bundle! Fern & I have to begin by standing up to applaud all the Bundlers. And sending out a giant wave of gratitude to Mailer Heather.

John Carvalho & Joe Palmer, thank you so much for this amazing, twinkling star! We're beyond awestruck at your masterful craft & artistry, embossing a pattern of such fine lines, on metal. You made us some magical, twinkling starlight! Accompanied by A Martlet's Tales, Volume 20, printed on your beautiful handmade paper, as always. There's such joy, too, as you share with us your creative explorings. Your Jan. Bundle pieces are heartwarming, & mighty appreciated!

Laurie Kitzke, we so needed your cheery touch of nature right now! Hen Prints, No. 6, takes all us AAPAers along to visit the busy birds & wildlife in your backyard. You write so descriptively, we can just hear all the chirping, & feel all the life goin' on! A very needed blessing.

Well having been head-over-heels in love with typography since munchkinhood, I of course have to shout a loud Thank You to Gene Gates & Lawrence Peterson, at Nine-18-Thousandths Press, for making a wonderful Thank You card. With the words printed in an exquisite variety of typefaces, I have enjoyed reading the font names & looking at the details of the alphabets chosen.

As always, Clarence Wolfshohl brought us all such interesting reading in Anonymous Quarterly #41 that my whole, entire cup of tea seems to have just disappeared... Time to make some more & settle back to enjoy reading your Bundle piece all again!

And finally, appreciation to the AAJ team for our Jan.2021 edition. Editor Edwin Feliu, Fern & I loved reading the Jan. AAJ! Poems that are like paintings, from Kent Chamberlain & Tom Hitt. Friendly, across-the-back-fence reviews from Ivan & Clarence, join us all as neighbors.

Such a heartwarming bundle, when we all most needed a batch of warm, pink, sparkly light. Sending out so much gratitude to all who participated in the Jan. Bundle, & all who have provided the precious gift of audience. Everybody be well & be happy! With AAPA, you are surely not alone!

Marey & Fern...

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