Riveting March Bundle

Riveting March Bundle


Hi AAPA! President Fish, as you said in the March AAJ, our themed bundles always turn out so good!

There's a lotta riveting stuff in here!  

First, Fern & I were completely riveted by Dave Tribby's Tribby Tribune #134, about Great-Great Grandpa Mangold's serving in the Civil War! Dave, you write with such wonderful detail, we can imagine the experiences! I too have a relative who fought then. But I don't have enough info to be able to paint such a clear picture as you've shared with us, Dave! I have Edward deVille, who got hit with a cannon ball at the Battle of New Orleans. Like Great-Great Grandpa Mangold, he too was surrounded by a row of trees that they called a windbreak. Dave this was a great story! 

Next we discover Clarence Wolfshohl's "Discovering Family" in his Anonymous Quarterly, about a serendipitous meeting in Germany in which he learned more about his family tree! Dear Clarence, you penned your adventure so descriptively, we can imagine the scenery, & your excitement in connecting with more family history! Clarence, thank you for taking all of us along! 

Next up in the Riveting Dept. we read "The Adventures of Heidi Mae Kelly," from Danny & Marsha Kelly. Well, after we learn herein that first doggy Shane had to be scrubbed up after his encounter with a skunk, & that then next doggy Heidi Mae got herself in exactly the same boat...then we LOL at Danny's subtitle... "Lather, Rinse, Repeat"!  Danny & Marsha, we can just imagine the mood in your house then, while you were thinkin', here we go again... 

More riveting good memories shared! G.E. McKelvey's family traditions of life through the decades & cracked crab suppers, reminds us that history is not the stuff in history textbooks, but the real-life challenges that we really live through. Sandy Gurev too shared that family feeling of passing down stories generation to generation. Sandy, wonderful writing! Please write more! And Mark McComas' "Charleston Daily Mail" brought us lovers of all things printed... the story of a small town newspaper! I hear ya, Mark! I was on staff at a small town weekly.

Talk about riveting, once again Editor Edwin Feliu has put together an intriguing edition of our beloved AAJ, filled with riveting good stuff! And we thank Mailer Katherine!

And Fern & I humbly hope everyone enjoyed hearing about our family gardening adventures in "My Family is... Part Bouganvillea"!! 

As always, a round of applause to ALL who contributed to the March bundle, & as always, a round of appreciation to all of AAPA for the precious gift of audience.

Dear Everyone, stay well, because you matter very, very much!

          Marey & Fern

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