October Bundle Is On Its Way To Your House

October Bundle Is On Its Way To Your House

First of all, I forgot to say last month that Danny Kelly printed the September envelopes. Thanks so much, Danny.

This month, the part that looks professional was printed by Ron Hilton, and the rest is mine. Thank you, Ron. I called up Ivan to see if we could hurry the mailing, and then realized I didn't have envelopes. I bought my C&P with the idea that it needed a lot of work before I could print on it, but it seems to work in a pinch, even with rollers that look like they've been eaten by a monster. I was very happy to remember the envelopes Ron had sent with the infomation already printed on them. The rooster is from the collection of Ralph Babcock, courtesy of Ivan D. Snyder.

It's an amazing bundle, with the Ink Cahoots, and another booklet in there. I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone, but I continue to be amazed at what people put out, and I'm so thankful for a full mailbox.

The rush is that my grandpa was dying, and yesterday he did die, and so the kids and I are headed back to Minnesota again. He was 92 and and a father of six, and had been a referee, a candy shop owner, and a mess sergeant in the army in WWII, among other things. He spent a lot of time in Oberammergau in Germany at the end of the war. He was a terrific dancer, loved cribbage, seemed universally liked, and was very funny. A couple of days ago he told my mom on the phone, "well, I'll see you at the funeral." My grandma, who died last summer, was his high school sweetheart, and though they never seemed to get along, they did stick together. He lived on his own, doing great, until last week, and I'm thankful for that. Then he went into the hospital, called us all to say goodbye, and left. Way to go, Grandpa.Rest in Peace, Iver Eggenberger.

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