How Did June Get Here?

How Did June Get Here?

Hello Friends,

It is pouring rain outside. The potatoes, kale, lettuce, chard, cabbage and celery are all very happy with the weather we've been getting. The basil, peppers, tomatoes are all wanting to go back to their native lands; they are so so sad to live in the Pacific Northwest. 

On Thursday the kids and I thankfully finished online school for the year. What a strange experiment that was, and now the news that the Fall may look the same. What to do? If school is online next year, we will probably pull them out and homeschool them. Too much time on a screen, too many passwords to remember, too many vaguely educational video links, too hard to write with a mouse. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only parent with kids at home in the AAPA because I rarely read anything in the bundle that references parenting, but I would love to hear from anyone about what their school experience has been and what their plans are for fall.

The envelopes were printed with my brand new rollers! Hooray! It's like trading my '79 Chevy Luv for a 2020 Cadillac. Ivan came and helped stuff the bundles. What a relief to have help. We kept all the windows open, I cleaned all the surfaces he might touch, and I tried hard not to breath. Now cases are on the rise here in Oregon, so who knows if things will shut back down again. I was happy enough to be able to go to a thrift store yesterday and buy my son a pile of pants. In these three months he had grown out of every pair in the house. They were suddenly all up to right under his knees. I thought I was going to have to learn to sew really awkwardly fitting pants. Here's a word question: what other words besides awkward have 2 WWWWs? Besides WOW?

Thanks to all the folks who sent me thank you notes! I like to let my bundle "age" for a while after stuffing them, so that it feels special to open it, and so that I'm reading it at about the same time you all are reading yours. So, I had no idea why so many of you had suddenly decided to send me cards! Thanks Marey and Tommy for giving people the idea. I felt showered with appreciation. I'm happy to be a part of this terrific group, which has collectively put together a really beautiful bundle this month. It's going to be a real treat, which most of you can enjoy with a popsicle, and here in Portland we'll have ours with some nice hot tea. 

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