December Bundle Mailed Today

December Bundle Mailed Today

Moments ago, I dropped the bundles off at the best post office in Portland (Foster and 50th, you are amazing!). They were already stamped, so I didn't have to wait in the enormous line full of grumpy people wondering why they don't feel merry and bright. Laurie Kitzke of Hen Prints, Ivan Snyder of The Amateur Observer, and I went around the table until we were dizzy earlier today to get the bundle on its way. Somehow, the three of us manage to be less efficient than one person alone, because we can't stop talking and showing each other things. If you live close by and ever want to throw yourself into the madness, let me know.

I appreciate everyone who gets anything into the bundle, and I am especially impressed by the folks who get something in every month. I would have loved to print you all a holiday card, but only could manage the envelope.

How do you celebrate the holidays? We spend them with my sister and her family in a 3-day blur of festivities. My son's birthday is Christmas Eve, so we have a huge pile of homemade doughnuts that morning at our house, then go to my sister's house that night for dinner and some gifts, the next day we see each other at some point, here at our house, because the 26th is my oldest nephew's birthday, and we're back at their house for spaghetti dinner and chocolate cake. It's a good thing we all really like each other. The kids and I have been crafting away on so many different kinds of ornaments, our tree is a handmade, glorious thing this year. 

I hope you all have the merriest of times. Heather


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