Late November News from the Mailer

Late November News from the Mailer

Hello Friends,

When I was looking for a few old October envelopes last month, I realized how many good, unused envelopes had built up again. I'm a person that can't ever let anything go to waste. Just last week I went to a park with the kids and raked leaves all day to use in the chicken coop all winter. Free hay, I told my husband as I filled the shed with leaves stuffed in chicken feed bags that were also being repurposed. As I was once told by a smart woman who had raised 4 kids, if you can find a use for old oatmeal, you are really one step ahead of everyone else!

I printed a hopefully obvious November on the assorted envelopes and sent them off to you on time, but my computer broke again (I can't throw anything away either), and I couldn't figure out how to post this on my new phone, so here we are. It is a rather small bundle this time; there are a few former regulars that are hopefully just taking a well-deserved break, and maybe a few of us that don't usually get things in the bundle can fill in the gaps. I would like to challenge anyone who is a member that has never put anything in the bundle to give it a try at least once this year. I think for me it really changed how I looked at the bundles, and the appreciation I had for people who go at it regularly. It also made me remember to send out notes to people more often. It's a strange feeling to put something in the bundle and never hear one thing about it.

Try to get something in, and try to tell someone thanks!

Thank you!


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