Bundle Picks for December 2018

December is the toughest Bundle to pick favorites.  All those Christmas greetings with such varied and attractive artwork, be it interesting illustrations or creative typography, are like Christmas candy.  Which to eat first?  The difference, however, is that you can let your eyes feast as much as you want without getting a belly-ache.  My three picks are outstanding in their special ways, but all the rest of the contributions to the December Bundle deserve very honorable mentions. Plus, there were sixteen contributions to this month’s gift package.

 But my three choices are . . .

Journal of the Month:  Rich Hopkins always does a superb job.  His writing is clear and entertaining, and his printing is crisp and clean.  But Gale’s Pilcrow, an issue of his Page Two Flag journal, goes beyond those adjectives.  From the moment my eyes locked on that crow’s looking through the oval cut into the cover, I knew there was something special inside that cover with the crow.  Rich’s tribute to W. Gale Mueller in both words and reproduction of two of Gale’s wood engravings are the special treat.  I had trouble classifying the category for Gale’s Pilcrow because Rich combines all facets to demonstrate ajay at its best.


Writing of the Month:  June T. Bassemir does it again, gives us something to think about.  Her “Thought Is Everything” in the December Over the Fence is, well, thoughtful.  As I read the poem, I thought (can’t get away from that word) about what Robert Frost once shared with an interviewer.  The poet was asked about his teaching days, an experience he was not very fond of, but Frost said what he liked most about teaching were the moments the students actually had an idea.  Then the old man laughed and said, “It scared the hell out of them.”  Think of that.


Project of the Month:  I guess I’m a sucker for gimmicks, so David Zadra’s of Iron-Rock Printing Shop neat little foil package on a brightly printed holiday greeting made it stand out among several other splendid cards. Warm wishes back to you, David, and to all the AAPA family.


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