Starting Autumn With Magnificent October Bundle

Starting Autumn With Magnificent October Bundle

Happy, healthy Autumn, AAPA!
Isn't the Oct. Bundle magnificent?
So filled with wonderful stuff!

First of course, thank you Dave Tribby for 50 years of Ink Cahoots! Fern & I have been so lookin' forward to seeing this edition! So much outstanding & joyful work, there's aren't enough exclamation marks on the planet! A celebration of AAPA!

Next, our hard-working AAJ editor, Edwin Feliu, thank you for the Sept. 2022 edition! It's a joy to read, from President Fish's Message, to cheery reviews by Fish & Clarence, on to Historian's Report by Ivan. Fern & I especially hope "Roses" brought some levity... 

George Harnish's Random Cubes, Unit 3 has again brightened our day. We're so smiling about "Sneak Zucchini into a Neighbor's Porch Day," & the accompanying report of gardening adventures! It sure brings back nice memories. George, I so hear you, about, pushing through whatever was holding me back". And yes, just at an art gallery, we say the viewer completed the work, your readers are for sure a part of yours! We're really out here, encouraging you on to your next edition!

Steve Ingram's Print and Type, Issue #1 is a delight for all who love printing! Clarence Wolfshohl's Anonymous Quarterly #48 brought us all along on a trip! And then we return home to a cute Halloween Greetings card from "The Pied Typester" in Cleveland, Ohio!

And finally, Fern & I hope everyone liked our humble writing efforts, "The Land of 20", & "The Energy"!

As always, thanks to ALL who participated in the Oct. Bundle, & thanks to all of AAPA for the precious gift of audience...

Good health & much joy to all!


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