June 2019 Bundle Picks

June 2019 Bundle Picks

There are loads of great things in June's bundle, and here are a few of the things that reviewer Fish Davidson especially enjoyed.


Writing of the Month


"More Than a Phew Diphiculties When You Have No Ephs or Cays" is beautifully produced by Nine-18-Thousandths Press about a printing adventure gone awry.


Journal of the Month


The Ink Zone by Greg McKelvey. This issue ponders the point at which person is consided a friend, in both poetic and statistical fashion.


Projects of the Month

Unable to pick just one project of the month, there were two projects that seemed especially noteworthy.

"The Lighter Side of Kent Clair Chamberlain" sees Kent Clair Chamberlain and El Grito del Lobo Press pack jokes, anecdotes, and poetry into a tiny volume with lots of heart.

"Helvetica" by Tad Du Bois uses a passage by Michael Marshall set in the venerable typeface to express some strong opinions about its lack of personality.

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