An "Odd" Assortment!


Well, friends, I did 130 lonely laps around my dining room table yesterday. No Ivan, with his absolutely subtle humor, no Laurie dashing in at the last minute (or 10 minutes later) with seeds, a salad, something to staple, pencils in her hair, books for the kids, and a chicken flapping in her pocket. I tried to put on some music, but it really was boring, and took a long, long time. Then I put on my mask and dropped them off at the post office. I didn't need stamps, and I didn't touch the door!

The careful readers amongst us may notice something strange in the bundle. Ivan brought over a box of old paper for my husband to shred and make into sawdust/paper logs to burn in our stove (dear reader, if your spouse ever starts watching a lot of Russian YouTube videos, and then borrows a welder from a friend, know that a small scale industrial revolution is about to happen in your driveway. You will need a lot of car jacks. They can be used in apple presses AND log presses. One motor can go a lot of different directions. It can grind corn in the morning, and pluck chickens in the afternoon!). So, in the box was a collection of Odds & Ends, Ivan's old journal, and I spent a whole Sunday reading them. I liked them so much that I couldn't imagine shredding them, and then I liked them so much I decided to sneak an assortment into the bundle. A little peak back into the AAPA of the 80's. Ivan often ends things by saying "you can blame it all on Ivan D. Snyder," but this one you can't. You can blame it all on me. I have at least a month before I can see Ivan again, so hopefully by then he can forgive and forget! Let him know how much you liked it with the enclosed post card, but don't use whatever address is on the back of the journal (I counted about 4 different ones). Use the address in your member directory.

There is lots of other interesting material in the bundle, too. I hope it's like a little party in your house with old friends, lots of different types of conversations going on all over the room. If anyone wants to do the "Picks of the Month" for this month, please get in touch. 

To the members who couldn't get to the copy shop, thanks for staying safe, and we'll see you again later.

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