2019 AAPA Election

2019 AAPA Election

This year, only one candidate -- in each case the incumbent -- filed for each office on the AAPA board. As allowed by the by-laws, the board declared each candidate as being elected, and there is no need to send out ballots for the election of officers. Those who will serve in the 2019-2021 fiscal years, beginning October 1:

  • President: Tommy L. White, Jr.
  • Vice President: Fish Davidson
  • Official Editor: Edwin Feliu
  • Secretary-Treasurer: John Carvalho
  • Mailer: Heather Lane

Because an amendment qualified for the ballot, the board approved a special election solely to vote on that change. The modification makes the mailer's term the same as other officers'. (In the 1970s the term was aligned with the calendar year to facilitate the purchase of bulk mailing permits; AAPA now mails its bundles via first class.) Here is the text of the amendment to the AAPA constitution:

Article 4, Section 1, last sentence shall be modified to remove the text in strikethrough:

“They shall be elected for a two-year term as provided in the By-Laws, and shall serve for two 12-month fiscal periods beginning on October 1 and ending the second year of their term on September 30; except that the Mailer shall serve for two calendar years commencing on the January 1 following his election.”

The board decided to use a new procedure for this special  election: including the ballot in the August bundle. Ballots must be returned by September 15, 2019, to

John Carvalho, AAPA Secretary-Treasurer
PO Box 555
Purvis, MS 39475-0555

 When your August bundle arrives, open it up, pull out the ballot, make your vote, and get it into the mail.

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