December Bundle Went Out Tuesday

December Bundle Went Out Tuesday

Happy Holidays AAPA Friends!

The bundle has undoubtedly reached some of you by now, but I'm late in letting you know. Actually I'm late for about everything right now. My mom is on her way to Portland as we speak and we're still weaving rugs for gifts in the room she'll sleep in; there is string everywhere. In case that sentence gives you the corona-virus chills, my mom had the virus a couple months ago so she can't give it to us or get it from us, but we've all been quarantining anyway, as an extra precaution. It will be so great to see her. 

The bundle looks great. It's funny, it looks like about half the people in it shared an ink can this month. I so appreciate everyone who can get something into it, and I hope you all get something out of it.

Our newly formed Action Committee (I'll have to check to see if that is the name they want to have) has chosen that February will be a themed bundle referencing Edgar Allen Poe, a great choice for these dark times. So go sleep in a graveyard, wander the night, and see what you can come up with. 

I hope your holidays are sweet and peaceful, that you stay safe while we await the vaccine (a great story to read right now is the story of the dogsled team who brought the diptheria serume to the children of Nome, Alaska in 1925. If you live in Cleveland, you can see one of the dogs, Balto, stuffed in the Natural History Museam. There is also a statue of him in Central Park.

That's it for now, I've got to go clean the house! Your mailer, Heather 


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