Goodbye June in July

Goodbye June in July

Hello AAPA Friends,

I'm sorry to say that I have sad news for you all. June Bassemir, of the regular and wonderful journal Over the Fence, died on July 3rd at the age of 95. Her journal, her wit and observations, her frequent questions to me that arose out of what seemed to be an endlessly curious mind, ("I also want to know if Lane is your maiden name or married name?...because it goes so well with Heather. If it is your maiden name I can well understand your not changing it.") She died at home with her children around her, and must have been doing pretty well up to the end, because her last Over the Fence is in the bundle this month. Savor it. I will miss her journal so much. 

We also have a sweet tribute to Delores and Russell Miller, written by their daughter, who says she didn't inherit the writing gene, but I would argue that point. We should all write her letters and convince her to join!

And we have lots of tributes to fathers and to fatherhood. I thought I would take this computer opportunity to put in a picture of my dad here. I was a baby when he built this outhouse in Anatone, Washington, so it must have been 1976, and he would be 23 or 24. He later wondered to me why he hadn't just built a whole cabin, as it would have been almost the same amount of work!


It has come to my attention that no one has filed their intention to be the next official mailer. I think that's a real shame, folks. There has to be someone out there willing to take a 2-year term and walk around the table a few times with some friends. What will you do in October, when there isn't anyone to mail your bundles out? Consider throwing your name in the hat, and reach out to John Carvalho or Tommy White. 

We had a wonderful paper making class here last month. It was a pleasure to meet John Carvalho and Joe Palmer in person, and so interesting to see how the paper he uses is made. He brought four beautiful handmade frames, and two colors of pulp that went from hotel freezer to hotel freezer all the way from Purvis, Mississippi to Portland, Oregon. It was a great day and I wish you could have all been there!

Also, in August I'll be in Cleveland with my husband's family in a much-overdue visit, so I'll mail the bundle a little late. You have plenty of time to get something to me!

Thanks, and have a nice month.  Heather

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