August Bundle is Ready to Mail

Another Fine Bundle

Ivan and I had a quiet bundle stuffing today. The kids went to the neighbors, so I wasn't having to answer questions, make food, and set up imaginary ways for them to help while also trying to help the unflappable Ivan D. Snyder do my job.

The July bundle was a really amazing package of work, and I thought because of the extended July deadline, and this incredible heat, that August would be pretty small, but there is another good-sized bundle coming your way. June Bassimer heard my plea and is back. There are also a couple things from new members, but I won't give anything else away.

The heavy July bundle ran me completely out of stamps, so I will have to go get more tomorrow, which is always an adventure. Last month the clerk showed me the Henry James stamps and said "these are all I have. I don't know who this is. Do you mind him?"  Not at all. I actually tremendously enjoy him, although it does make me question my taste.

Michael Couglin once again printed the beautiful envelopes, and has my eternal gratitude.

I'm going to try to get a comp card printed soon, but I want to invite everyone in the AAPA to make one if they want. It's fun to try out a new format, and it doesn't matter what it looks like, or what it says. You could photocopy a picture you drew, or print the word HELLO in your strangest font. Have fun!

Thanks to all who send in their work, and to all the readers of the work. Where would the writers be without an audience? And thanks for all the special notes tucked into the packages.



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