October Bundle

October Bundle

Hi Friends,

Yesterday we stuffed the bundle (and it is indeed stuffed!!) and today I got them to the post office, where I had to buy more stamps to finish off the postage after using every single stamp in this house. My daughter and I sat in the back of the car to put the rest of them on (it was pouring rain, as it so often is) and then ran them back inside and on their way to you, dear readers of amateurity. 

It was good to have help for such a large bundle, and, weirdly enough, it's good to have a big bundle when the Ink Cahoots comes out, because that always pushes us into the "large envelope" category on its own. That might not make sense if you don't spend as much time weighing envelopes, asking clerks too many questions, and clicking around on the USPS website as I do, but this month we went over the "letter" category in weight and in thickness.

And the extra money for postage is well worth it, folks. Soon enough the people are going to ask that we remove the "amateur" from our name. There is biology, history, poetry, the valient return of Dean Ray, an old mountain man, a mischievous cousin, a couple different takes on the corona virus (one by Michael Coughlin who is requesting masks for his county. Maybe we can all chip in to help keep them safe), a photo confirmation that what I saw in the elevator in Oregon City last week was indeed a blue tailed skink, and then the incomparable Ink Cahoots. What is that font at the bottom of the cover, printed by Rich Hopkins? And how does John make those watermarks? And will Laurie's owl be on the ballot for president in November?  And who else but Dave Tribby would endure for so long? Dave, you have our tremendous gratitude.

Have a great time with your bundle, a great month, and keep taking care. Heather

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