May Bundle: Full and Deeply Interesting

May Bundle: Full and Deeply Interesting

Hi, fellow AAPA'ers, it's Marey & Fern, from down here in Long Beach! And land sakes, isn't our May Bundle one of the fullest & most totally deeply interesting in eons!  

First, we find a charming suggestion from Mailer Heather, to have us all write about the subject of dad-hood, for July. And along with, Heather took us all on a real adventure in her garden! 

Next, we smile so big, finding this extra cute collaboration of Laurie Kitzke & John Carvalho! Laurie & John, your charming piece is already up on our bulletin board in the art room, & every time Fern or I glance over, we laugh! We sure all need our days lightened!! Thank you both, it's perfect! 

Then, even more serendipity comes forth! Another collaboration, Kathleen DesHotel & John Carvalho, taking real life stuff & making it into art. Kathleen & John used an assemblage to express their views of real life! You 2 have so brightened everybody's day!!! 

Bil Stahl's May edition of Rags from a Scrap-Bag Mind is wonderfully full of things Fern & I had never known! Bil, your creatively finding connections between a particular spider, & a fascinating mystic inspire me to try some enjoyable writing adventures! And Bil, all who adore everything about printing so love your detailed colophons! This one has me imagining the actual production of your May piece. We enjoyed your choices & variety of typefaces! So well done!

 Next up, Ron Hylton has indulged our very deep love of all things printing, with 2 genuinely fascinating Bundle pieces, full of history! "To His Reward-- The Story of Jimmy O'Neil"  not only is a joy to read, but even taught this Long Beach newcomer a great deal about town beginnings! 

 And Ron, your "The Linotype News / The Day the Papers Turned the Rules" is Amazing!!! I had never known about this! Both your Wonderful pieces are so good for this former newspaper-person's heart! 

 And finally, our May AAJ is masterfully done, as always, by Editor Edwin Feliu & is a joy to read, (including of course my own humble submissions...). If you haven't contributed yet, give it a try! Edwin, you are so appreciated!

 Our May Bundle is a very real & satisfying picture of us, the AAPA, in the Spring of 2021. Fern & I send out so much gratitude to Mailer Heather & her helpers around the dining room table, Ivan & Laurie. And as always, thank you profoundly, for this heartwarming work of art, to ALL who contributed, & all who provided the precious gift of audience. Until next month, sending out joy, from Marey & Fern.

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