Gathering Together at the April Bundle

Gathering Together at the April Bundle

Hi fellow AAPA'ers! Marey & Fern here, checkin' in to see how you all are. Doesn't it seem like we can tell the seasons by the Bundle? And also get a sense of what it's like to be living here on this beautiful, brave planet in 2021? 

April's Bundle says mid-Spring is a time for reflection. Time to pause and listen to what fellow AAPA'ers have been pondering. To join together, for a time, in our thoughts. Fern I hope the day will come when we can actually join together in person! 

Well first, thank you Laurie Kitzke for this cheery, smiley, extra cute envelope! And for taking us all along to experience your hen house. We're hoping right with you for a happy harvest in your veggie garden, and a happy sight in your flower beds too! 

Oh dear Clarence Wolfshohl, as we read in your always heartening Anonymous Quarterly, about the passing on of your good companion, Pogo, we send you a hug. All of AAPA who've had the good companionship of a pet knows how you're feeling, and sends Pogo's spirit love, fondness, and gratitude. And also agree with you about the charm of choosing our pet's names. You so make me smile, Clarence, bringing to mind good memories of my cats, Nook and Cranny. 

Steven Pammer sent us a linoleum block print! Those of us who've made them are so smiling to receive yours! Please make more! 

G.E..KcKelvey's The Ink Zone #184 has us so agreeing with it's author's lamenting the loss of a slower, low-tech world. G.E., you can probably hear us all hollering YESSS! out loud. We humans sure still need the slowness of last century's society, in order to hear our thoughts and feel our existence. And yes, we sure do need the "being human" of being together, as in our pre-pandemic normalcy. It's mighty good to share your thoughts about it here, as we all gather in the Bundle. 

April's Bundle does that for us, gives us all a time to stop, feel, check in with each other about this experience of being human. Thank you to all those who've contributed to the April Bundle, thank you to all of AAPA who have given the precious gift of audience, and thank you most heartily to Mailer Heather and her helpers, Laurie and Ivan, who are at last able to make the 145 trips around the dining room table together again! 

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