A Small Note From Your Mailer

A Small Note From Your Mailer

Hi Friends,

Wow, are things strange. I'm working hard homeschooling my two kids every day, trying to keep some kind of schedule in our days. We've made one room of our house into the school room, and work together 9-1 every weekday, reading and math first for 2 hours, then a more open science type thing where we write and draw: Monday is animals, Tuesday the body, Wednesday plants, Thursday geography, and Friday art. I'm lucky they are only in kindergarten and first grade! Today I moved the living room furniture around to give each kid a sort of hidey-hole to be alone in for a while each day, which might be wishful thinking on my part.

I thought I would share some information with you. No one seems concerned with mail as a carrier for the virus, so I'm not worried about your work coming to me, and I don't want you to be worried about the bundle coming your way. My family has been quarantining for two and a half weeks now, and we are not even going to the store (luckily, we spend every summer working like crazy to grow, can, freeze, and dry food, and we buy a quarter of a cow every year from a farmer we know, so we're in no danger of starving. After we eat the last jar of applesauce, and all the frozen zucchini, and that weird bag of 1 cup of quinoa in the back of the cupboard, I'll have to go out!)

What you may be concerned about is going to make copies. Here is what the AAPA board talked about at the last meeting:

Participating in the April Bundle

As we all limit our trips due to COVID-19 virus precautions, members may not feel safe venturing out to have their bundle pieces printed at the local copy center, or visiting the post office to mail them. Please stay safe, and save your journals for a future bundle, if necessary. You might check as to whether you can send a local print shop a PDF file, have them print 130 copies, and also have them mail the finished pieces directly to Mailer Heather Lane. You can also have your journal or story published on the AAPA website (in the “Stories” section); further details on e-journals and stories are available from Webmaster Dave Tribby (

 Of course, if you print at home, get away from the news for a minute and get printing! We can all use the bundle's interesting mix of company right now.

I sincerely hope that all of our elders are taking great care, letting friends and family do their shopping for them (yes, I'm looking at you), and that everyone is reaching out when they are in need of something, even just someone to talk to. What I am in need of is more of that lined paper that kids use when they are learning to write, the kind with the dotted line in the middle. If you have a big stack of that hiding somewhere, send it my way, please. 

Let us all know how you are!

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