August Bundle Picks

August Bundle Picks

Hi Everybody!

Fern & I agree that the word for our August 2021 Bundle has to be:


Exquisite letterpress, heartfelt poetry, such a variety of artworks so carefully done. Applause to all contributors!!

So much charm, we don't even know where to start. Each piece tumbling out of the envelope is even more charming than the last one.

Danny Kelly, we love your account about your recent move in Finally!!! Fern & I have been through that & sure recognize your challenging journey!! And Danny, welcome to a happy life in your new home!

Clarence Wolfshohl, your wonderful & exquisitely done book, Coal Mine Landscape, is so descriptively written & illustrated, we can imagine & feel your observations & experiences right along with you!

JoAnne Lindemann made us cozy bookmarks for enjoying our Autumn reading! "Brotherhood", carrying thought-provoking poetry, & printed by El Grito del Lobo Press, is already on our nightstand here, awaiting the first Autumn read.

G.E.McKelvey, you always bring us intriguing pieces! "Grandmother's Poetry", as you write, definitely is "a joy to read" & made more so with the inclusion of pictures of her antique Bible. Reading, we can feel holding this book all stuffed with the mementos of lifetimes. Thank you G.E., so very much!

Sean Wilmut's August 2021 edition of Philamot magazine is 10 wonderful pages full of wonderful stuff! The most welcome reading to have on a very windy day like today here in Lonnng Beach!

Suzanne Anderson brought us another edition of Gut & Ennelin, all about our most favorite topic, the printing press!! 

Ron Hylton too filled out hearts with more about our most favorite topic! Ron, reading along, we can even hear the clackedy clackedy of the Linotype's song!

And finally, Editor Edwin Feliu, expertly as always, put together our beloved AAJ for July 2021, so filled with a variety of really good reading, & welcome pictures! Fern, here, is feeling especially all green & fluffy, receiving her very own byline!!!! Thank you dear Edwin for an outstanding edition.

As always, thank you to all the August Bundle contributors, & thank you to all who have given us the precious gift of audience! AAPA, we did gooood!  Everybody be well, as welcome Autumn mosies in...

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