AAPA Feeling Thanksgiving

AAPA Feeling Thanksgiving

Hi Everybody!

 Well, Fern & I are enjoying the very warm feeling in the Nov. Bundle! In the midst of endless, overwhelming daily challenges, AAPA can still feel Thanksgiving! And Fern & I are thankful for that!

Danny Kelly made us a cheery Happy Thanksgiving card! And "The Pied Typester" of Cleveland brought us more smiles with a cute card reminding us of The 3 Commandments for Peaceful Family Gatherings! 

 Richard G. Rutledge, of Woodshead Press, brought us good feelings by reminding us print-folk that this is Hermann Zapf's birthday month.

 The Floyd Family also brought mighty good feeling in, The Permanent Press No. 29. And a wonderful suggestion of finding a way for AAPA to gather online! And reminds our hearts of the warmth we all feel, staying in touch: "The delightful dance of words, and the back and forth between friends in print..." Dear Floyd Family, you so warm our hearts!

 As does Editor Edwin Feliu's AAJ for Nov. 2022. Herein we have President Fish's heartwarming greeting... "So much of our daily lives as journalists, storytellers, and artists" gets expressed over the "background noise of precarious burdens". (Fern points out that your humble reviewer here is all 3!) And yet, "we keep on working on those ideas that are important to us." 

Thank you, dear Fish!

Herein too we smile about the editor's "Four Obstacles to Writing".

And thanks Danny Kelly & Ivan Snyder for truly wonderful reviews of Sept. & Oct. (especially since the humble reviewer was mentioned...).

Editor Edwin, another heartwarming edition of our beloved AAJ!

And finally, Fern & I hope our own humble writing was enjoyed in "A Pocket" & "Time for Grass"!

As always, profound gratitude to ALL who contributed to our Nov. 2022 Bundle, & to all of AAPA for the precious gift of audience. Dear Everyone, Fern & I wish you all a most heartwarming Thanksgiving!


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