Marey's Bundle Picks for July

Marey's Bundle Picks for July

Hi AAPA from Lonnng Beach!

Wow, we are collectively becoming such truly outstanding writers! Heather assigned us a Bundle theme about dads, & it inspired really magnificent & deeply satisfying pieces! 

Steve Ingram, welcome to AAPA! A real typewritten letter all about real life is Wonderful!!! You write with such warmth, I'm going to go enjoy it a third time soon as I finish hunting & pecking out my humble opinionations here! Fern & I are lookin' forward to your next piece! 

Mailer Heather, Fern & I dearly love the homemade quality of your July piece, "Ragged Edges"! It feels like you're writing to each of us personally. And collaborations always make me smile -- made with John Carvalho's paper pulp & frames, with paper made by Heather's munchkins, & holding wonderful thoughts about your dad. A true artwork, paper & words unified in expression! So well done, Heather! 

Dave Schwartz's Ohkee-Doekee No. 98, for July, is going up on my bulletin board this minute! Dave, we so needed your perfect collection of timely humor about our everyday real life! You sure have a gift for erasing our stress!

 Clarence Wolfshohl's Anonymous Quarterly #43 for July is filled with such good family memories! And yup, Clarence, I admit I am not quite old enough to know Eddie Fisher's Oh Ma Pa-Pa song, but it's easy to hear your fondness for your dad, & for your 2 inspiring mentors too! 

Amazing Laurie Kitzke, the busiest person on the planet, not only got her July Bundle piece out about her dad -- but she even got mine out!

Laurie, this was my 1st time back in the Bundle since the dumb pandemic, & I am overwhelmed with gratitude to you! 

Laurie, we can so hear your love for your dad in your writing, & can just picture little Laurie exploring at her dad's workplace! I know he is keepin' an eye on his kid right now with such pride! 

Sean Wilmut's Philamot magazine for July, took everybody along on his writing journey, an interesting experience! 

 Delores Miller's sharing of her family's everyday adventures have been so heart-filled, & we miss her. This month her daughter Marianne shared the experience of taking care of her parents' treasures, memorabilia, & family home. And Marianne, it was so good for all our hearts, we thank you so much.

 And finally, having just received Danny Kelly's Alert email about the crossing over of June Bassemir, her Over the Fence in this July Bundle is even more dear. We have enjoyed reading her wonderful writings of her family life over the years, & she will be in our thoughts.

Dear AAPA, this Bundle was an exquisite collaboration of all of our spirits, inspired by a really good Bundle theme. We are great writers! As always, much appreciation to ALL who have contributed their thinkings to this month's Bundle, & to all who have given their precious gift of audience. AAPA, we did good!

Fern & I wish you all extra good health & joyfilled days!


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