Memories in January Bundle

Memories in January Bundle

Hi AAPA'ers, & holy mackerel, this is a giant Bundle, & our theme for Jan. 2022 seems to be: Memories! We all had such warm, wonderful stories just rushing out onto paper this time of year! Fern & I are filled with good feeling, opening the Jan. 2022 Bundle... 

Here are poems & letterpress & artfully created treasures! 

Ron Hylton prints a story about Mr. Mergenthaler & the Linotype that is so wonderful you can just hear the clackedy clackedy as you read along! Thank you Ron! 

Greg McKelvey's Ink Zone #192 shares the truly wonderful life of photographer & teacher Nick Berezenko Jr.  Greg, I didn't get the blessing of knowing him but as a teacher, it's truly heart-warming, reading about this real human being, sharing what he loved with the world. I am so glad to read your story. Thanks, Greg! 

And thank you to Ivan Snyder, for sharing more memories, in his Amateur Observer for 1/2022, No. 20. It's so good learning about Scotty, the "press doctor", fully out there doing what things he loved doing! And a smiley chance to catch up on your latest doings too, Ivan!! 

Well it wouldn't be The Bundle without John Carvalho's wonderful handmade papers! This month, John, we're enjoying a Walt Whitman poem you printed on beautiful blue, & a poem from our admired AAPA poet Kathleen DesHotel on a wonderful, textured tan paper. Thank you John, Joe Palmer, & Kathleen! 

Some inspiration for our bulletin boards from Austin Jones, reminding us of fellow printer Ben Franklin's quote affirming our right to freedom! Fern & I just know Ben would have been a fellow AAPA'er... 

Next we discovered some humor in here, also from A. Jones, "I could agree with you but then We'd Both Be Rong". That line is surely gonna come in mighty handy, for sure!

And from Dan Celani, an outright smile.... "If I'm ever in life support, unplug me and plug me back in and see if that works".... Dan, Fern & I still haven't finished laughing about that one yet!

And finally, Editor Edwin Feliu has published yet another masterfully done edition of our AAJ! First, herein, we got to find out that fellow AAPA'er Carl Kremer, & his collaborator, have written a novel! And that Tom Hitt has been splendidly waxing poetic this winter! Fern & I are just glowing with gratitude to have our new short story, "A Private Glow" on these pages! Editor Edwin followed up next with the Bundle Reviews from Nov. & Dec. 2021, by Danny Kelly & Ivan Snyder, and Secretary-Treasurer John Carvalho's Financial Report. Editor Edwin, Fern & I always look forward to the AAJ! Yet another outstanding edition! 

Well as always, much, much gratitude to ALL the Jan. contributors!!!  And to all of AAPA for providing the precious gift of audience! A very warm wish to all for happy, healthy days ahead!!! Till next month, Marey & Fern, down at The Register.

-- 30 --

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