The May bundle is in the mail

Look for the Bundle

Hello Friends,

Ivan and I collated the bundles on Friday afternoon, and I put them in the mail this morning.  I used a cut on the envelope that Ivan gave to me a few years ago, and was hoping to do a history report about how the cut came to be. I remember Ivan telling me the story when he gave it to me. When he saw the envelope, he said he thought that it was made by an illustrator who drew for  Dean Rea, a former AAPA member and publisher of the excellent journal Oregun. He reached out to Dean Rea, who just boxed up all his old journals for a move, so my investigation led nowhere. All clues are welcome.

I also struck out in my attempt to get a piece about motherhood into the bundle, but such are the realities of motherhood. I was considering printing a report card for myself:

Arts and Crafts: A     Food: A   Patience: C- (never be afraid to try!)  Laundry: D+ 

But then just thinking about how much I hate laundry made me too depressed to print. I wrote a story about my mom instead, but didn't get it printed either.

The rest of you must have had similar trouble, because the bundle is a little light once again, 2.9 ounces to be exact, but there is so much good material in there, including your AAJ, and things are already filling up the cupboards for June. I'll see you there. 

Your Mailer,

Heather Lane.



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