A Late and Slightly Smokey Bundle

A Late and Slightly Smokey Bundle

Hello Dear Friends,

The bundle went out yesterday, thanks to Ivan and Laurie and their good help. I had to leave town for a few days because of the smoke, so it is a little late getting on its way.

Thanks to the many of you who have written over the last month or so to ask how things are here for our family, first because of the protests and now because of the fires. With homeschooling and trying to put the food from the garden away, I haven't always had time to respond, so I would like to give you all a brief update. Right now we are hiding indoors with the furnace fan running and an additional air filter on. It is pretty smokey outside today; yesterday was better than this. The kids are painstakingly making ridiculous masks for our three bunnies, who are unfortunately currently living in the kitchen. The chickens (numbering 22) are having to fend for themselves outdoors, as is our very scratchy outdoor cat, known only as The Weasel. I would say that the kids and the animals are keeping me from slipping into absolute depression about the state of our state, and country.

The protests are being represented incorrectly, from what I see on the news. I've been to the protests, even taken my kids to the family marches, and they have all been peaceful while we have been there. I saw a Black opera singer sing an amazing song. I heard speeches, chants, singing. I've never seen any violence, but I've never stayed past 11 pm, and I think in those hours, when everyone should be home in bed, are when the photos get taken of the violence. Somehow, none of the other things get shown: all the people passing out food and masks, all the people of every color and income level and age coming together to try to make a change.

The smoke was so bad last week that we left at 8 pm on Friday to drive six hours to my hometown in Idaho. After a day, the smoke got there too, but it wasn't as bad as the sick choking smoke we were in when we left. It gave me (and many others) a horrible migraine and made me feel like I couldn't breathe at all, like I was gasping for breath. The smoke of 10,000 burning memory-foam mattresses. We were only at a level one evacuation notice, but we packed up our important papers in case we couldn't get back and I rode to Idaho slumped over the bunnies' cage. It's strange to look at your things through a new set of eyeballs. What is important? Pictures? Letters? Your kids' artwork? The basket your husband made you? The last quilt your great-grandmother made? The kids wanted me to take my C&P press, but I told them it would probably be the only thing that made it through a fire!

What else? I hope everyone is safe where they are. I hope we get through this time of sickness and political division. I hope we can start taking better care of this beautiful land we live on. I hope you have something like a bunny wearing a tiny mask to make you laugh. You do have the happy little bundle on its way to you right now, connecting you through art to folks all over the country.

See you in the bundle, Heather

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