March Bundle!

First Bundle of Spring

Hello, it's your very tardy mailer. Your bundles went out in a timely manner last week some time (Tuesday?), but I forgot all about this news posting until now. The reason I forgot is because suddenly, it's Spring! A couple weeks ago we were having snow, but the last few days have been tee-shirt weather, and we just can't come inside for anything.  The garden looks so sad, and I'm trying to resist planting things by just cleaning things up and weeding things out. The chickens are happily eating the last of last years' kale and chard plants, and yesterday I found one really nice forgotten cabbage head.

It is a terrific bundle, featuring the first AAJ by our new editor Edwin Feliu, an envelope printed (with my sincere thanks) by Danny Kelly, who will also be doing the Picks of the Month for March, and a hilarious poem by the incomparable Sheryl Nelms. If only my grandpa Donnie was still alive, he would have laughed so loud at that poem, and it might have been the first poem he ever read. I want to take a minute to thank Clarence for years of putting out the AAJ, and doing such a good job at it. You will be missed on the board phone calls as well. Such a great voice, maybe in your retirement you should take up radio.

I have two bundles that I accidently stamped before realizing that they didn't have address labels on them, so PLEASE send me the addresses of two people who would like a complimentary bundle. Also contact me if you are interested in taking a turn at Picks of the Month.

One additional thing: would you all like May to be a themed bundle titled "Introduce your Mother?" I love to meet the families of people I know, and would love to meet all of your mothers in print. This could be a photo, a simple description, an in-depth review, some small thing you would like to share. The May bundle will be going out a little late, as I will be on vacation from May 3-12 (Mother's Day!) so you have plenty of time, and very few worthwhile excuses.

Take care, everyone, and thanks for sharing your work with all of us. Heather

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