Thank You & You're Welcome!

Thank You and You're Welcome

Hi Everyone,

Until Saturday, I had a total of 5 items ready for what looked to be a very, very small bundle. I was reflecting on what bundles would look like now without the steady contributions of Delores Miller and June Bassimer, and I was wondering how small a bundle had to be before just absorbing it into the next month, but Ivan and Laurie both said they "had a few things," so I thought we might as well go ahead with it. Then they walked in Saturday with their arms full of packages with very familiar addresses on them, and the rusty wheels of my mind started turning. What a huge surprise! I've never seen my name in print so many times! It's almost enough to make me sign up for another term!

Just kidding, you're still on the hook. One of you needs to agree to do this excellent work for a 2-year term. I promise it will go by so fast. Not being very good with numbers or memory, I couldn't believe it when I read how long I've been doing the bundle. It definitely feels like I'm done now, but it has been a fine thing to do, especially because of the two "unofficial" mailers, Ivan Snyder and Laurie Kitzke, who deserve as much thanks as you all showered on me. As do the rest of the board, all the bundle reviewers (if you've never taken on that interesting job, I recommend that you reach out to Edwin Felieu and give it a try-you'll never look at the bundle the same way again), the pick-of-the-month encouragement committee (Marey and Fern), and all the folks who get things in the bundle regularly or semi-regularly. If we pass the chores around easily, and all take our turns, the organization can keep going. Being the mailer is easier with more people, so if you live in a town with other AAPA people, or can sign up a few friends, it can be a nice way to gather together. The three of us never stop talking (Ivan can tell you which two make most of the noise) and somehow the bundle is finished. So email me: or email our president Tommy White:  and take the U.S Postal Service for a spin. I've agreed to do October and November, but if you want a Christmas bundle in your stocking, someone should speak up now!

Thanks everyone, I was overwhelmed by your kind words and work. 


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