Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers Wanted

In early May the word went out in an AAPA Alert message: AAPA’s board would like to create a new appointed committee focused on increasing member involvement and bundle activity, and is looking for volunteers to staff it. 

The committee will have broad latitude to define what they want to do. Ideas suggested by the board:

  • Line up the “picks of the month” reviewers and announce the results
  • Suggest bundle topics of the month several times a year
  • Publicize the publishing scholarship fund and seek out candidates
  • Sponsor writing and printing contests
  • Write up items for the Website, Facebook page, AAPA Alert, and American Amateur Journalist.

One member has already stepped forward: Marey Barthoff, publisher of The Mareyland Register. When Marey wrote to President Tommy White, she also volunteered her sidekick Fern (the fern): "Just read about the new committee to increase Bundle participation, come up with fun writing contests, & all. Count us in! (Neither Fern or I are very high tech tho, so we'll need help with website stuff.)"

Late Breaking News: On Saturday, May 23, Tracy Towley volunteered to join Marey on the committee: "I've worked as a copywriter / SEO expert for the past 13 years. I'm just getting started taking classes in letterpress and linograph so I haven't submitted to the bundle yet but am happy to help with this effort."

Later Breaking News: Late on Sunday, May 24, George Johnson, Jr., wrote to say, "I will volunteer."

Anyone who would like to join this fun committee should contact Tommy at

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