Ballot Incomplete: Mailer Needed

AAPA Ballot Incomplete: Mailer Needed

Secretary-Treasurer John Carvalho reports the following have signed up as candidates for AAPA offices:

  • President: Fish Davidson (currently Vice President)
  • Vice President: Tommy White (currently President)
  • Official Editor: Edwin Feliu (incumbent)
  • Secretary-Treasurer: John Carvalho (incumbent)

Since only one candidate filed for each of these offices, the board declared each of them elected for the new two-year term that begins on October 1. With no candidate for Mailer, President-Elect Fish Davidson has written the following message to all members:

Our beloved AAPA Mailer, Heather Lane, will be stepping down from the position in a few months and we need someone from the AAPA ranks to fill that role (and the envelopes that come with it!). The Mailer gets to see all the great submissions before anyone else, and Heather describes the duties as "walking around the table a few times with some friends." If you're not sold on the idea quite yet, or maybe just have some questions about the role, we've got you covered with this next section!

Mailer Frequently Asked Questions

How long would I serve?
The new term begins October 1, 2021 and lasts for two years. If other priorities don’t allow you to complete the full term, you can resign, but please give at least 3 months notice so a new Mailer can be found and announced.

Do you have to spend your own money to send out everyone's bundles?
Nope! The AAPA has money set aside for bundle postage and reimburses that expense.

How much of a time commitment does the office of Mailer involve?
It takes about 4 to 5 hours each month: One hour for the monthly officer conference call, about three hours for packing the bundles, and then getting the bundles to your local post office.

What if I don't have the skills or equipment to make those cool envelope designs?
Many of our envelope designs are produced by our former Mailer, Heather Lane, and she is willing to help the next mailer by providing some envelope artwork if needed. But even if the outside of an envelope looks plain, AAPA members know that even bundles with modest outsides are filled with all sorts of AAPA joy!

What other things will I need in order to send out bundles?
A computer printer that you can use to print address labels. (Each month the Secretary-Treasurer sends a PDF of the labels for you to print and use for that month's bundle.) If you want to order postage online instead of going to the post office, you'll also need an internet connection, but that's all!

What if I don't know what I'm supposed to do?
New roles always feel weird, but you'll have a team of officers ready to answer your questions over the phone and via email.

Time is running out, so help keep the AAPA great and volunteer for this role. Contact Fish Davidson (Vice President) before August 23rd to throw your name in the hat.

Fish Davidson or 202 Marler St., Cleveland, MS

Heather recently wrote about the Mailer duties: May Bundle & Mailer of Bundles

If you have any interest in handling this important job, please contact Fish--and do it quickly!

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