Very Springtime-y March Picks

Very Springtime-y March Picks

Hi AAPA'ers, it's Spring! How are ya all?

Well Fern & I are just peachy, & the 1st thing that we notice about the March Bundle is...Spring! There is for sure a different feeling this month, than in all the Bundles since this pesky, useless, no-good virus hit. The March Bundle feels active, & full of energy, & well, full of Spring!

 Laurie Kitzke at Hen Prints, Fern & I are sendin' ya a giant, long-distance hug! Your March Bundle piece, "Get Stoked!!!", feels like Spring all by itself! Laurie says, "Think of the things that get you fired up and add them back to the daily agenda." Please, everybody, follow your personal interests into more cheery days! Get stoked! Thanks, Laurie!

We need exactly this right now!

Fred Moe sent us his poetry, which is peace itself! "Weather Clock [1]" so very joyfully tells all of us, "we are no longer hibernating." Fred, you've taken our feelings & given them wings!

Adding even more of this so needed good feeling, Fred's March Bundle piece is printed by John Carvalho at Johnnywog Press, on John's always, always exquisite handmade paper!

And adding to this charming collaboration, John lets us know this month's paper is made of Ivan Snyder's t-shirts! Thank you Fred, John, & Ivan, for bringing us a batch of Springtime!!!

Mary C. Riley's "Plow Day," printed by El Grito del Lobo Press, brought us another collaboration filled with the feeling of Spring. We so need to touch the good earth, to feel the ageless tradition of Spring planting!

We can feel the earth, see the horses, as we read this heaet-filled Bundle piece!

June Bassemir sent us two editions of Over The Fence! As always, June, your warm, descriptive writing feels just like all of AAPA chatting as neighbors over the back fence! We can truly imagine being right there, listening. Your Spring pieces are flowers in the Bundle!

And finally, a giant Springtime thank-you to AAJ Editor Edwin Feliu!!! Fern & I love reading the AAJ! Thanks to all its contributors, including Mailer Heather's Reviews!

As always, we celebrate the arrival of this cheery, energetic, thoughtful, & inspiring March Bundle! We need this good feeling you've all brought us! So much gratitude to all the contributors, & to all who provide the gift of audience. Thank you so very much to Mailer Heather

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