The Mystery of the Bungled Bundle

The Mystery of the Bungled Bundle

Wow, friends, what a bundling day! I'm not sure what happened, but I'm sure it's not Ivan's fault (thanks to Ivan Snyder and Laurie Kitzke, who both went around the table with me).

First, we ran out of envelopes but still had piles of inserts. I have no idea whether I didn't count out enough, or if I will later find a pile of them under another pile of paper. Where did they go? Or were they never there? That is the mystery. I had to find last year's extra October envelopes, and change the 8 to a 9 on the year. With those, we thought we had just enough, but then we found one missed label (HOW did we miss a label?), so Laurie had to give up her envelope. Ivan and I had already surrendered ours for the cause. Then, when we stuffed that last bundle, we somehow filled it with a bunch of extras, which we then went looking for, and finally found in this very heavy bundle, which would have been a real surprise for the recipient. We were like a comedy team doing a 3 Stooges act in slow motion!

But, what a terrific bundle. It has a new directory (THANK YOU JOHN!), the beautiful 2019 Ink Cahoots (THANK YOU DAVE!), and many other things to mull over or smile at or be impressed by. For weeks I've had only two things in the cupboard, and was getting a little worried, but then things came pouring in.

Thanks for these paper gifts. Happy October to all. I can't wait for November to express my gratitude to all of you, writers and printers and artists and readers, and all the possible combinations of these.

But another mystery, much discussed around the table today: where oh where did the Cacklers go?

Your mailer, Heather Lane

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