Good Stuff in October

Good Stuff in October

Hello AAPA'ers! Marey & Fern here!  How are you, & holy mackerel, the Oct. Bundle has to be the very best we've ever seen! Sooo much good stuff! Really satisfying reads, clever & thoughtful & funny, & all produced with such care. 

I invented a game! As I 1st looked at each Bundle piece, & each page in Ink Cahoots, I guessed who might be the creator, before looking for a name. And guess what! We can do this! My humble self didn't guess all of 'em, but close! AAPA, try this next can do this too!

Well let's look! Herein is such a richness of history-- not the classroom names-&-dates kind-- but stories of real, everyday experiences from other places & other eras. 

 Paul Hunter at Woodworks Press wrote in SAY WHEN no. 6, about real-life wheat threshing! Paul, it was wonderful! I want to read a whole book about these folks!

 And Ron Hylton's sharing of stories from long-ago Portland, OR newspapers... Ron, you gave us a sense of life from a century ago, & Portland town history as well! And Ron, I am so smiling, finding your finishing up so appropriately with the newspaper-folk's traditional ending, "--30--"!

As always, Fred Moe's Farm & Wilderness Report brought us an interesting read! Fred, our real-life friend from The Mareyland Register, Coach Ryder, is a sportswoman & P.E. teacher who taught classes just like Taylor's Philosophy of Walking, & will feel wonderful when I share your Bundle story with her. If not for you, we'd never have known about Taylor's hikes!

 Clarence Wolfshohl's Anonymous Quarterly #44 so warms our hearts. Dear Clarence, I will be offering prayers of gratitude for your recovery & return to the Bundle, because we could not have done without you here! (Fern says thank you for including her too!)

 Mailer Heather Lane sent us, in "A Few Pieces of Information," some intriguing philosophy to ponder! Heather, your conclusion has us thinking deeper about life,... "Stop to rethread. All stitches lead directly to each other." Wise!

 Richard Rutledge also makes Fern & I smile, giving us a picture of one of our very most favorite things, a Calif. Job Case! And Dan Celani, you got everybody laughing...."I don't have bad handwriting, I have my own font." !

 Well finally, Mr. Dave Tribby has done it again...somehow gotten everybody from far & wide to get their Cahoots pages all coordinated & done on time! The 2021 Ink Cahoots is grand!!! Thank you, Dave! It's all overflowing with good reads, interesting stories, & John Carvalho's wonderful handmade papers! Dave & Cathy Celani has made our journey through 2021 so much lighter with an ad:  "My boyfriend is allergic to my kitten so I can't keep him. His name is Tom. He is friendly. He comes when called. He is 28 years old and works in IT."

 As always, AAPA, you've made Oct. extraordinary! I love reading everybody's Colophons, & send out profound gratitude to ALL who participated in the Oct. Bundle, & to ALL who so very wonderfully contributed to Ink Cahoots 2021!

And gratitude also to all of AAPA for such blessed gift of audience.

          With good energy to all,

           Marey & Fern... 

-- 30 --

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