Connections in August bundle

Connections in August bundle

One thing that I really enjoy about the bundles is how often the variety of different voices come together and coalesce around a particular concept even when there wasn’t a theme announced beforehand. In the August bundle, I would like to showcase a few pieces that seemed to form a triptych. Since these are personal observations, your mileage may vary on how sturdy (or tenuous) you find these connections. 

Starting off the picks is G. E. McKelvey’s Ink Zone #204. The bold title, “When I get Dementia”, convinced me to read it first.  As someone with a family history of dementia, this issue hit close to home. This concise list of things to consider from a caretaker perspective was optimistic, bittersweet, and above all, humanizing people with dementia.

Ron Hylton provided the next part of the triptych with Chrystle M. Gregorious’s commencement speech on behalf of the class of 1933. Social contact was the driving force behind the speech, and many of the problems of that time are still problems we deal with today. Understanding each other, though we may be separated physically, economically, or cognitively is extremely important.

As for the last piece of this 3-part series, I’ve selected Sean Wilmot’s Philamot Magazine. Although I always enjoy the layout and style of Philamot Magazine, it also shared some elements with the previous two articles I mentioned. It was a pleasure to learn about the Sibylline verses, a topic I must admit I was not familiar with. However, I had a little more familiarity with the authors of those verses. And it was the wisdom of those oracles, given in a state of frenzy often inscrutable to others, that creates the connection with the works above. We are all valued people, connected with and contributing to the social fabric in different ways.

I’m glad I’m connected to all of you through the AAPA.

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