July Bundle: Technique & Poetry

July Bundle: Technique & Poetry

Hi AAPA'ers!

How is everybody?
Fern & I are trying to make it through the summer heat, tho asthma got case you hear any long-distance coughing, 'tis us...

Well July's theme seems to be: writing techniques & poetry. 1st, AAJ Editor Edwin, you've once again put out a wonderful edition! In which, Pres. Fish shares a bit of truly novel communication goin' on way up in No. Sweden. Thanks to Heather & Ivan for writing the Bundle reviews...& golly gee, thank you for the smiley write-up of my vacation piece!!  

Thank you, Fred Moe, for sharing about a really good you-tube! Sounds like Post 10 will bring those of us not getting to travel to pretty places this summer a bunch of greatly needed scenery!

Random Cubes, by George Harnish, not only is an an author writing about writing, but is also a novel layout! George, I have a couple of my grandparents "blatter" pens too! It's enjoyable reading about your experiences! Since you asked for critique, well speaking just for my own peepers, I'd love to see your next edition with a bit darker type. Your layout brings a clever surprise with each page!

Clarence Wolfshohl's Anonymous Quarterly # 47 is delightful, taking us all on a journey! Along with your descriptive writing,  your snapshots helped me to feel I was was traveling right along with! 

John Carvalho's A Martlet's Tales Volume 21, so brought me home! John, reading along, I can just smell that crayon scent & see the textured scribbles of different colors! And yup, I agree, oil pastels are wonderful! I've introduced 'em to literally 1000's of students! 

 And finally, Fern'd like to express enjoyment of "Renee's Song", a simple sharing of end-of-the-school-year peace that brings you back to yourself.

As always, we send so much gratitude to ALL who contributed to the July Bundle, & to all who've shared their precious & appreciated gift of audience....

Dear AAPA'ers, stay well, stay cool, enjoy your days....

       -- Marey & Fern

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