Transitions in Nov Bundle

Transitions in Nov Bundle

Hi Everyone!

Cozy November energy comin' out to you, wherever you are, from Marey & Fern! 

Our Nov. Bundle is a perfect snapshot of us at transition time. We seem to be all about endings, new beginnings, rememberings, & renewal....

New President Fish has summed that all up in this month's AAJ beautifully. Fish... Fern & I are looking so forward to your lending your spirit & energy to our upcoming creations!!

 For starters... It's just the most perfect minute for Dan Celani's cheery sign, already up on our bulletin board: "I before E except after C disproved by science"☺️

 G.E. McKelvey's Ink Zone #191 most joyfully expands our experience of photography as art! Greg, your love of all things photo so shines through your very word. "Posting a photo in a public place, like a hospital, supports both the healing and mood of the facilities." Writing about: watching how others photograph the same visual challenge, & helping folks get the photographic view that expresses their own unique perspective, Greg expands our experiences of this deeply satisfying art form.

Fred Moe! Thank you! You sure have captured exactly the nighty challenges Fern & I have been facing! Crickets! GRRR! Doesn't it seem like they get way louder right as our heads hit the pillow for some needed rest? But instead of my own, plain complaining about them, Fred expresses his reaction in his usual, witty, wayyy more poetic tone!

Sean Wilmut's Philomot Magazine for Nov. 2021 is splendid! Sean, you have produced a whole, entire literary magazine, filled with good stuff to read & ponder!

And once again Editor Edwin Feliu has produced a good, satisfying edition of the AAJ to dip into & enjoy. 

Yup, the transition time of November seems to have inspired such a wide variety of fulfilling expressions. Good job, AAPA! Thank you to ALL who've contributed to the Nov. 2021 Bundle, & to all who give us the precious gift of audience. A satisfying work of art....

     Warmest Thanksgiving hugs to everyone, from Marey & Fern!


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