Election and Laureate Results

2019 AAPA Election Results

Because only one candidate filed for each of the elective offices, the AAPA board declared all candidates were elected without the need to send out ballots. The officers for 2019-2021 are:

President: Tommy L. White, Jr.
Vice President: Fish Davidson
Official Editor: Edwin Feliu
Secretary-Treasurer: John Carvalho
Mailer: Heather Lane

The terms run from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2021.

Because an amendment qualified for the ballot, the board approved a special election solely to vote on that change. The modification makes the mailer's term the same as other officers. (In the 1970s the term was aligned with the calendar year to facilitate the purchase of bulk mailing permits; AAPA now mails its bundles via first class.) The amendment passed by a vote of 22 to 1.

2018-19 AAPA Laureate Awards

The AAPA Laureate Board (Sheryl Nelms, Chair; Mark McComas; and Heather Lane) has completed its deliberations and announced their selections:

Best JournalOhkee-Doekee by Dave Schwartz in 7/18
Best Letterpress JournalAmateur Observer by Ivan D. Snyder 6/18 and A Marlet's Tales by John Carvalho 6/18
Best Non-Letterpress JournalKen's Lighthouse Journal by Ken & Charla Davis 6/1
Best prose Fiction-The Iron Rock Canyon Kackler by Iron Rock Printers Shop 10/18 (please provide address to President to be mailed award via mail)
Best prose Non-Fiction- The Ink Zone by G. E. McKelvey 10/18 and Over the Fence by June T. Bassemir 7/18
Best Poetry- Booked Up at the Last Picture Show by Clarence Wolfshohl 7/18 and Folk Art by Sheryl Nelms 9/18
Best original work of Art- Bookmark by Lawrence Peterson & Gene Gates 7/18 and Shuddering Leaves Drop by John Carvalho & Joe Palmer 1/19

Congratulations to all of the winners!



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